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Bad Days Club - Season 01

It's finally here, I can't believe it. This has been over a year in the making, dealing with production delays, design changes, photoshoots, website creation, etc. I always knew that a lot of work goes in to something like this, but I didn't realize exactly how much work it would be, or how long things would take. But It's finally here, and I am incredibly excited for it! There are so many people to thank that have helped me out along the way. Lucas McCabe helped me out with the printing and has been an incredibly friend throughout this! Ciara D'Anella did an amazing job with all the model photography, everything turned out exactly how I wanted it to, and I commender her for dealing with my OCD.  Alyssa Lumpee, Hollie Sokol and Joshua Kuel were all amazing models and the presentation could not have looked this good without them! I also have to thank Aryanna Martin for the amazing work she did on Alyssa's makeup. At lastly, right until the bitter end,  Ricky Cribb did an amazing job with the website while also dealing with my OCD.

This collection contains the most product I have ever done at once. We have several t-shirts, several hats, a couple to tote bags and some smaller accessories. This is just the start of things, now that Season 01 is finally here, I can look forward to the next season and hopefully bring you guys more stuff that you will love! Thanks for sticking with me, and be sure to follow Bad Days Club on social media! Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
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